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  Apology Letter


  apologize to sb. for sth. 因为...向某人道歉

  awfully 非常

  behavior 行为

  excuse 借口

  failure 失败

  fault 错误

  forgive 原谅

  ignorant 无知的

  inconsiderateness 不顾及他人

  inconvenience 不方便

  make an apology 道歉

  make up for it 弥补

  misunderstanding 误解

  negligent 疏忽的

  offend 冒犯

  overlook 忽略


  remedy 补救

  remove 消除

  shoulder the responsibility 承担责任

  thoughtless 欠考虑的


  1) I am awfully/terribly sorry for what I have done.

  2) I feel very guilty for what I have done to you.

  3) I am afraid what I have done has caused many inconveniences to you.

  4) I regret to inform. you that I am unable to do…

  5) Please accept my most cordial and humblest apologies for…once more.

  6) I will try my utmost not to make such a stupid mistake again.

  7) I am so sorry to have put you to so much trouble[CKQ]

  Job Application Letter


  a solid theory foundation坚实的理论基础



  an intimate knowledge of熟练的知识


  apply for申请

  be available for an interview可以参加面试

  be qualified for有资格


  contact number联系电话



  expected salary期望得到的薪水

  graduate (from)毕业

  have a good command of对掌握熟练

  interpersonal skills人际关系的技巧

  meet the requirements满足要求

  practical experience实践经验



  working experience工作经验


  1) I have read your advertisement in Jinan Daily for a position of a sales engineer.

  2) I wish to apply for the position of…which you advertised in yesterday’s Jinan Daily.

  3) I am very interested in exploring the possibility of obtaining a position as a sales engineer with your company.

  4) I read with interest your advertisement which appeared in…and would like to take up the challenge as a… with your firm.

  5) After completing my four-year course at…university in 1991, I was employed by ABC company as a…

  6) I believe I am well prepared, both psychologically and academically, for the post.

  7) I believe I have the appropriate qualifications and experience for this post, and therefore, here I am enclosing my curriculum vitae.

  8) Upon graduation, I first worked as…The following job was..., and currently I am working for...

  9) I am available for an interview every afternoon. Please contact me at…

  10) I hope that after reviewing my enclosed resume you will kindly give me an interview so that I can elaborate on my studies and working experience.

  11) I hope you would consider my application favorably and grant me an interview.

  12) With the kind of experience I have accumulated, I would expect a salary of not less than…[CKQ]

  Study Pursuit


  pursue / pursuit 追求

  enjoy worldwide fame 享有世界声望

  further study 进修

  admission (to)入学

  entrance 入学

  fine tradition of scholarship 良好的学术传统

  graduate program 研究生课程

  long-cherished desire 珍藏已久的梦想

  prestigious 有声望的

  relevant 相关的

  tuition 学费

  well-equipped 设备精良的

  well-staffed 师资强大


  1) I am deeply interested in your graduate program in the Dept. of …and plan to apply for admission for the fall of 2000.

  2) I am writing to request admission into the Dept. of…at your University for the spring semester of 2000. It is my long-cherished desire to pursue study of Computer Science at a university inCanada.

  3) I would greatly appreciate it if you would forward the necessary materials and relevant information at your earliest convenience.

  4) If you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  5) Your university is a well staffed and well-equipped institute with a long history and a fine tradition of scholarship, enjoying a worldwide fame I will certainly feel greatly honored if I am fortunate enough to be admitted into it.

  6) Would you please let me know the procedures for admission at your earliest convenience?

  7) I am writing to inquire about the possibility of being accepted as a graduate student in your university upon my graduation.

  8) I wish to pursue my Master’s degree in your university.








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