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剑桥雅思14听力Test1 Section2真题+解析+答案

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摘要:在备考雅思中,剑桥雅思真题是每位考生必备的备考资料,为了方便大家更好的学习雅思,三立在线教育为大家整理了剑桥雅思14听力Test1 Section2真题文本,希望能帮到大家。更多雅思备考资料,请关注三立在线雅思频道。 Questions 11 and 12 Choose SECTION 2 Questions 11-20 Induction talk for new apprentices Questions 11 and 12 Choose Two letters. A-E Which Two pieces of advic

  在备考雅思中,剑桥雅思真题是每位考生必备的备考资料,为了方便大家更好的学习雅思,三立在线教育为大家整理了剑桥雅思14听力Test1 Section2真题文本,希望能帮到大家。更多雅思备考资料,请关注三立在线雅思频道。


  SE CTIO N 2 Questions 11-20

Induction talk for new apprentices
Questions 11 and 12

Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Which TWO pieces of advice for the first week of an apprenticeship does the manager give?
A get to know colleagues
B learn from any mistakes
C ask lots of questions
D react positively to feedback
E enjoy new challenges

Questions 13 and 14

Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Which TWO things does the manager say mentors can help with?

A confidence-building
B making career plans
C completing difficult tasks
D making a weekly timetable
E reviewing progress

Test 1

What does the manager say about each of the following aspects of the company policy
for apprentices?

Write the correct letter, A, B or C, next to Questions 15-20.

A It is encouraged.
B There are some restrictions.
C It is against the rules.

Questions 15-20

Company policy for apprentices
15 Using the internet ..............
16 Flexible working ..............
17 Booking holidays ..............
18 Working overtime ..............
19 Wearing trainers ..............
20 Bringing food to work ..............

剑桥雅思真题14test1听力Section 1答案及解析



  一段给新员工进行岗前培训的独白。 主讲人告知了新人们遇到困惑可以找谁、 怎样寻求帮助, 并鼓励大家尽量多利用这类机会提问和了解其他人的成功经验。 主讲人另外强调了诸多基本职场规则, 例如:如何安排休假、 如何使用网络 、 加班政策 、 着装要求等。


  1. I'd like to st缸t with some general advice about being an apprentice. Most of you have m巧little or no experience of working for a big org缸让sation and the first week or so may be quite challenging.我先来讲一讲如何当好一个学徒。你们中的大多数人完全或者几乎没有在一家大机构工作的经验。第 一周(的工作)会非常有挑战性。the first week or so指 “第一周左右” ,s。在这里不是 “因此,所以” 的意思。

  2. The important thing is to check with someone if you’re not sure what to do - you’ll find. your supervisor is very approachable and won’t mind explaining things or helping you out. You’re here to learn so make 出E most of that opportunity.一件非常重要的事情是如采你不确定要做什么,一定要找人确认,你会发现你的上级非常容易找到(容易接触),而且他很乐意帮助你解释或解决问题。你是来学习的,所以利用好这个机会。make the most/best of指 “利用” 。

  3. As well as ha白ng a supervisor, you’11 each be assigned a mentor. This person w山be someone who’s recently completed an apprentice and you’11 meet m出them on a weekly basis. Their role is to provide help and support也roughout your apprenticeship.除了 上级主管,你还会被分自己一名导师。这个人会是一个刚刚完成学徒期的人,你每周都会和他见面。他的职责是在你的学徒期全程为你提供帮助。

  4. Now I just want to run through a few company policies for our apprenticeship scheme wi出 you... Most皿portantly, the internet. As part of your job you'll be doing some research online so obviously you’H have unlimited access for that but please don’t use it for personal use - you'll have your own phones for 出at.我想和大家过一下与学徒计划相关的公司政策。最重要的是网络。上网调研是你工作的一部分,所以显然使用网络连接不受任何限制。但请不要用网络来做私事,你的手机可以用来做私事。run through可理解为 “梳理” ,此处译为 “过一下” 更符合口语表达习惯。

  5. After your probation缸y three month period - some of you w诅be eligible for 出is - but it w诅depend on which department you’re in and what your personal circumstances 缸e. So please don’t assume you’H automatically be permitted to do this. 过了三个月试用期之后,你们中的一部分人会有这个资格,但这完全取决于你在哪个部门以及你的个人情况,所以请不要以为你会自然而然地被获准。

  6. I want to make sure there’s no confusion about our holiday policy. Apart from any statutory public holidays we ask由at you don’t book any holidays until after your six month apprenticeship has finished. 我想确认大家清楚了 解了我们的休假政策。除了法定假日,我们要求大家在六个月的学徒期结束前不要预定任何假期。

  7. You’ll be expected to work a 40 hour week but there may be opportunities to do overtime during busy periods. Al出ough you’re not required to d。由is, it can be a valuable experience - so we advise you to take it up if possible. Obviously, we understand由at people do have commitments outside work, so don’t WOηy if there 缸E times when you are unavailable.你们每周要工作 40小时,在忙季还会加班。尽管你不会被强制这么做,但这是非常有价值的经历,我们建议有机会一定抓住。 显然,我们理解大家在工作之外还有其他的事,所以大家不用担心有时做不到(加班)。if there 缸E times when you are unavailable中的when引导从句,修饰times ( times指某些时刻)。


  8. τnere's a heavily subsidised canteen on site where you can get hot meals and s也ds cheaply.餐斤补助非 常高,无论热食还是沙拉都很便宜。注意搭配,用heavily修饰subsidise,表示补助很高。

剑14test1听力Section 1答案

  Section 2, Questions 11-20







  15 B

  16 B

  17 C

  18 A

  19 A

  20 C

剑14test1听力Section 2答案解析


  11~12.题干词first week 原文重现。E选项中的challenges在原文中以形容同形式 challenging出现,具有混淆性。题干问及要做两件事,但E选项与原文提及相关词汇处含义不符。按习惯性表达,需要 做的事通常会以动词形式出现, 原文中提及check、find、le红n、spend、talk。选项A与check with someone含义吻合;选项B在原文中始终未被提及;选项C与talk to as many people as possible ... andfind out lots of useful information含义吻合;选项D具有棍淆性,容易误导考生想多而选错,但切记做题时以原文为准,checkm出someoneif you’re not sure what to do与talkto as many people as possible均不代表需要reactpositively to feedback。另外,考生需熟悉信号词important和so,可以帮助判断答案位置。

  13~14.题干词mentor原文重现,定位无难度。原文instead一词理解为“然而,而是”,通常之后会出现重要{言息。 考生必须掌握goals you ’ve achieved so f缸和identi々 any红eas for improvement指已获得的成就以及未来的进步,与选项E符合;long吃erm ambitions与未来的规划相关,选项B符合该含义; A、 C两项均未提及;D项稍具1昆淆性, weekly 一词原文涉及,但含义不符。


  15-20.搭配题考查考生对原文的理解和对同义替换词的掌握, 属于难度较高的题型。 本题绝大多数 题干词原文重现,定位难度低, 仅20题food 一词在原文中需要以canteen和lunch 定位。 本题必须理解原文方可解答。


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