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  1. 总体难度概括:难

  2. 文章介绍: 标题: Musecum of fine art and their public

  话题: 艺术类


  B段 词性 解释

  manuscript n. 手稿

  Reproduction n. 复制品

  In addition to 短语 除此之外

  Signify v. 表示


  Accurate a. 精确地

  Apprentice n. 学徒

  Original a. 最初的

  Duplication n. 复制品


  Despite p. 尽管

  Spread v. 散播

  Promote v. 提升,促进

  Status n. 地位


  Place v. 放置

  Severe a. 严重的

  Limitation n. 局限性


  Exhibit n. 展览

  Relate a. 相关

  Impress v. 留下深刻印象


  Viewer n. 观众

  Alter v. 改变

  Deter v. 制止,阻止

  Assign v. 分配


  diverse a. 多样的

  Sculpture n. 雕像

  Create v. 创造


  Vital a. 重要的

  Appreciate v. 欣赏


  Approach n. 方法

  Harmony n. 和谐

  Conserve v. 保存

  Criticism n. 批评


  Emerge v. 出现

  Suppress v. 压制

  Accessible a. 可接近的

  Warning n. 警告

  3. 题型分析


  Summary+ 判断 + 单选

  4. 题目解析

  Questions 27-31 summary

  People go to art museums because they accept the value of seeing an original work of art. But they do not go to museums to read original manuscripts of novels. Perhaps because the avalability of novels has depended on 27_______for so long, and also because with novels, the 28 _______ are the most important thing.

  However, in historical times artists such as Leonardo were happy to instruct 29________ to produce copies of their work and these days new methods of reproduction allow excellent duplication of surface relief features as well as colour and 30_______.

  It is regrettable that musenms still promote the superiority of original works of art, since this may not be interested of the 31_______.

  A institution

  B mass production

  C mechanical processes

  D public

  E paints

  F artist

  G size

  H underlying ideas

  I basic technology

  J reader

  K picture frames

  L assistants 解析:

  27.B,在第二段的第八行,it possible to print out huge number of texts, 意思是小说可以大量印刷。

  28.H,第二段倒数第六行,with novels, the readers attend mainly to the meaning of words.人们关注的是小说背后的文字。Words改为了ideas。


  30.G,此题和29题中间的标点符号是逗号,一般是在同一个段落。在第三段的倒数第三行,original scale是原始尺寸,该成了size.

  31.D,在第六行的开头说one limitation is related to the way the museum presents its exhibits.局限性是是他的展出。

  32.The writer mentions london’s National Gallery to illustrate

  A The undersirable cost to a nation of maintaining a huge collection of art

  B The conflict that may arise in society between financial and artistic values

  C The negative effect a museum can have on visitors’ opinions of themselves

  D The need to put individual well-being above large-scale artistic schemes

  33.The writer says that today, views may be unwilling to criticise a work because

  A they lack the knowledge needed to support an opinion

  B they fear it may have financial implications

  C they have no real concept of the work’ value

  D they feel their personal reaction is of no significance

  34. According to the writer, the ‘displacement effect’ on the visitor is caused by

  A the variety of works on display and the way they arranged

  B the impossibility of viewing particular works of art over a long period

  C the similar nature of the paintings and the lack of great works

  D the inappropriate nature of the individual works selected for exhibition

  35.The writer says that unlike other forms of art, a painting does not

  A involve direct contact with an audience

  B require a specific location for a performance

  C need the involvement of other professionals

  D have a specific beginning or end


  32.C,在第六段的最后一句,It is difficult not to be impressed by the ‘worthless’ in such an environment.说明在物质社会里很难不被这些东西影响。

  33.D,在第七段的倒数第六行,nothing the viewer thinks about the work is going to alter that value.说明观众的观点是不重要的。


  35.D, 在第九段的倒数第六行,a picture has no clear place at which to start viewing, or at which to finish. Clear对应的是选项的specific,start对应的是beginning,finish对应的是end.

  36.Art history should focus on discovering the meaning of art using a range of media.

  37.The approach of art historians conflicts with that of art museums.

  38.people should be encouraged to give their opinions openly on works of art.

  39.reproductions of fine art should only be sold to the public if they are of high quality.

  40.In the future, those with power are likely to encourage more people to enjoy art.


  36.NG,题干后面的using a range of media在文章中并没有出现。

  37.N,approach of art historians定位到文章倒数第二段,第六行的harmony和题干的conflicts


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