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  I would certainly oppose changing the system [+ ing form of verb]

  She's opposed to religious education in schools.--be opposed to sth to disagree -with a principle or plan:---

  Are you for or against my proposal

  He objects to the label 'magician' which he is often given.

  Her objection to/against the plan is based on incorrect facts


  Have they assented to (= agreed to) the terms of the contract?--『Formal』

  She advocates taking a more long-term view.[+ ing form of verb]

  He advocates the return of capital punishment.

  I think you were quite justified in complaining『having a good reason for something』

  I generally favour travelling by night, when the roads are quiet.

  But the federal Training Minister disputes crisis calls from employers,


  One of the disquieting facts stemming from this is that plastic bags can become serial killers

  This has resulted in a ban on plastic bags being imposed there early in 2002.

  an increasingly crowded curriculum, maths is being sidelined.

  township hospitals are running at a loss or are on the verge of collapse.

  The world's tropical forests continue to disappear with disheartening speed

  from September through to December airborne pollen from olive blossoms is contributing to asthma and hay fever problems

  But recently a new trend has been evident - one person living in a house

  the rise and rise of the single person household.


  This could be due to the fact that HDPE bags can not be put out for collection with other household recyclables

  The problem arises partly because charities have outposts in areas of conflict:

  Another cause for concern,the use of (DU), may also be less of a problem than many fear

  Another current concern about China is that 。。。。。。

  The PCAU has found that even though bombs, troop movements and landmines caused awful problems in Afghanistan, the most serious long-term consequences have resulted from the uncontrolled use of resources, particularly the cutting of

  t says the drain is symptomatic of a maths crisis that has its origins in the classroom.

  But that had more to do with the collapse of investment in America than with the rise in China

  The pact of 2000 owed more to Nelson Mandela's patient mediation than to the Burundian elite's own desire for peace


  the world woke up to the issue

  Different countries have adopted a range of approaches to discourage the use of plastic bags in an attempt to cut down on the number of bags finding their way into the environment

  the government has implemented new regulations that will see only thicker, more durable plastic bags produced.

  Recycling your plastic shopping bags is one of the most obvious courses of action

  Given the costs and inconvenience associated with recycling, and the fact that reuse only delays the plastic entering the environment, the most sensible option is to cut down on the number of plastic bags that you use, or stop using them altogether.

  There are a range of alternatives to plastic bags

  The seriousness of any of these problems will depend largely on the length and severity of the war, and on how quickly aid agencies can get in afterwards.

  Rather than fight through the courts park by park, reserve by reserve, theGovernment has opted to negotiate with them.

  Faced with those perennial challenges renewables like solar

  power are becoming more viable options, particularly in smaller, more remote communties.


  A rise in interest rates would severely retard economic growth.(延缓)

  High winds have hindered firefighters in their efforts to put out the blaze(阻)

  irreversible destruction of rainforests

  Storms hampered the American-led advance on the city, bringing some convoys to a standstill(to prevent someone doing something easily)

  They were warned of the ecological catastrophe to come( sudden event that causes very great trouble or destruction)

  The emigration of scientists is a catastrophe for the country(a bad situation)

  The approaching cyclone could exact a huge toll(cause a lot of damage; cause many deaths:)

  Flash floods cause havoc in Thai capital

  The last few months have seen the progressive meltdown of the country's political system.( complete failure, especially in financial matters)

  Fighting and shortages have brought normal life to a virtual standstill in the city(a condition in which all movement or activity has stopped)

  spell a diseaster

  cheating generates numerous unfavorable results

  What concerns many people is that the long term effects of consuming such foods cannot be predicted

  Once let loose into the environment, plastic bags can cause considerable harm, blocking drains and suffocating wildlife mistaking the bag for food.

  Plastic shopping bags have a surprisingly significant environmental impact for something so seemingly innocuous

  As well as being an eyesore (next time you are outside, have a look around - you'll be amazed at the number of plastic bags littering our streets and waterways), plastic shopping bags kill large numbers of wildlife each year.『句型 as well as +ing ,』

  China's success at building bikes has undermined production of two-wheeled vehicles everywhere

  But away from the orderly plantings and the managed olive groves, there's apotentially disastrous downside. In the foothills, some are calling it and environmental calamity.


  The fire caused considerable damage to the church.

  She's been a tremendous (= very great) help to me over the last few months

  The radiation leak has had a disastrous effect on/upon the environment.

  near historically unprecedented levels


  a large number of

  overwelming number of

  a fraction of ...a small part of

  enormous proportion of

  the majority ..the minority.

  Widows make up the bulk of the group but their proportion is declining,


  There's a flourishing trade in second-hand video machines.

  His business thrived in the years before the war

  a thriving economy

  The leisure industry is booming (= is very successful) .

  Newspaper stands is growing briskly


  its phenomenally fast growth can be sustained only at the expense of other economies, both developed and developing。

  labour-intensive textile and clothing sector

  Shoes, semiconductors and televisions are expected to follow

  Inevitably, as China grows, some countries will find their competitive position altered

  Moreover, the raw numbers exaggerate the picture

  By contrast, when it comes to computers, cars or semiconductors-capital-intensive goods, in other










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